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Information for Our Tenants

We want our tenants to feel comfortable and able to communicate with us for any and all issues. We will do our best to meet your needs and give you a helping hand, because we understand that your home is your sanctuary.

Request repairs, download recipts and more

Sign into our Resident Center to request repairs, check your statements and get notifications through your email.

Trouble signing in to the Resident Center?  

Feel free to contact the office at 709-726-4370 and we will link your email to your apartment!

Download and Submit a Termination Notice to Landlord

Download our termination notice to landlord form (PDF). Once you have filled in the required fields, save the file and attach it in an email to and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We believe every tenant is entitled to a quiet and respectable environment, as well as a clean and comfortable home. Get in touch with us today!


Manager: Laura Tipton 709-726-4370
Assistant Manager: Frank Ryan 709-726-4370
Building A: Audrey Slade 709-725-8388
Building B: Gary Lawrence 709-237-1625
Building C: Kimberly Chen 709-727-7257
Building D: John Brown 709-725-8390

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